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About Us

Hispanos del Sur is driven by a sincere purpose to have the voice of the Hispanic community heard when changes in social, cultural and political policies are being discussed.  We seek their participation in that process which leads to the improvement of relationships with the Hispanic community with different political, social and business leaders. 

What we do for you


Political Advocacy

Our team of experts will be your liaison to the Hispanic community. We are capable of getting your family values based message out to this very important constituency via social media, videos, on-site interviews and community discussions.  We can assist in crafting messaging that will resonate with the community.  All done in Spanish.


Data & Consulting Services

 We have access to solid Hispanic data connected with our consulting services focused on the Hispanic community. We help you in preparing materials that will be shared with this community and direct you where to focus your energy and resources for maximum impact.




We coordinate events in Hispanic neighborhoods, bringing in speakers on various topics to gather input from attendees.  We fill the room.  We can lead discussions, panels and be moderators on sensitive, but important issues. This allows you to get important feedback and also connect!


Community Organizing and Outreach

We arrange outreach activities in Hispanic dominant communities to gather feedback on state and local policy initiatives and changes. We have the bodies,  perform door knocking campaigns, complete surveys and make calls to reach the Hispanic population.

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